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№3, 2021


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  • SECTION 1. Biology
    • A.A. Tikhonova, E.A. Ivantsova, Yu.S. Polovinkina, I.V. Manaenkov Formation of a sampling model based on a multi-level triangulation network for the organization of urban soil monitoring

    • A. A. Kulagin, B. A.  Uzorova Bird biodiversity in the Park named after Foresters of Bashkiria in the Ufa city, Russia

    • D.A. Sambaeva, T.Z. Maymekov, K.A. Kemelov, Zh.B. Izakov, M.B. Moldobaev, N.T. Shaykiyeva, N.E. Totubaeva, Z.K. Maymekov Sovol pyrolysis and neutralization of chlorine of organic molecule based on metal oxides

    • V.V. Drozdov, L.A. Rostovtsev, I.Y. Lisovsky Assessment of the ecological condition of trees in the South Primorsky park of Saint Petersburg

    • M.S. Shvetsova, I.Z. Kamanina, I.I. Zinicovscaia, A.I. Madadzada, P.S. Nekhoroshkov The study of elemental composition of woody and bushy plants in the territory of recreational zones of Moscow

  • SECTION 2.Environmental Safety. Construction and Town Economy
    • A.A. Nikanorova, D.A. Lebedev Raw - material and financial balances in the waste management system

    • E.A. Pichugin, B.E.Shenfeld The health of citizens and their life expectancy as a criterion for assessing the negative impact of objects of accumulated environmental damage on the state of the environment and man

  • SECTION 3.Geoecology
    • M.V. Zilberman, M.V.Cherepanov, E.A. Pichugin,B.E.Shenfeld, M.S.Dyakov. Comprehensive assessment of the influence of discharges of pollutants from objects of negative impact on the state of the hydrosphere

    • T.V. Ivankova, L.N. Fesenko Pond effects on the natural and engineering system of the minor river Alma of the republic of Crimea

  • SECTION 4.Urban Planning and Rural Planning
    • M.I. Afonina, M.E. Skuridin, P.A. Loguceva Military theme Patriot Park - interrelation of architectural, planning and social aspects

    • I.V. Ivashkina, L.Y. Tkachenko, N.K. Kiryushina Areas around airport: russian realities and foreign practice

    • A. I. Renz. DGNB sustainable building standard for Germany: indoor air pollution parameters

    • A.G. Levashev, O.R. Pavlova Transportation demand management to reduce environmental impact of transport


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