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№2, 2022


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    • L. I. Domracheva, S. G. Skugoreva, P. A. Starikov, E. A. Gornostaeva, T. Ya. Ashikhmina Microbes-antagonists against of phytopathogenic bacteria and fungi (review)

    • L .K. Kish, A. V. Tretyakov, O. I. Lavrukhina, V. G. Amelin, M. A. Gergel, N. V. Mishchenko Transformation products of pesticides and veterinary drugs in food and raw materials (analytical review)

    • N. V. Syrchina, L. V. Pilip, T. Ya. Ashikhmina Control of odor pollution of atmospheric air (review)

    • Т. I. Kutyavina, V. V. Rutman, Т. Ya. Аshikhmina Using digital maps to identify areas of mass development of phytoplankton in small freshwater reservoirs

    • N. Das, A. Mondal, S. Mandal Maximum entropy modelling for predicting the potential distribution of methanogens in Sundarban mangrove ecosystem, India

    • D. G. Sycheva, N. E. Kosheleva, I. V. Timofeev Contamination of soil cover with compounds of metals, arsenic and antimony in the area of impact of fuel and energy complex

    • O. A. Loskutova, O. N. Kononova Zoobenthos and zooplankton of the foothill lakes of Subpolar Urals

    • Т. А. Pristova The chemical composition of atmospheric precipitation, throughfall and surface waters in the middle taiga deciduous stands of pos-cutting origin

    • A. V. Elikov, P. I. Tsapok, E. M. Karpova, D. B. Loktev, V. A. Kozvonin, L. N. Shmakova The effect of dried blueberries and food products enriched with them on metabolic parameters of carbon tetrachloride intoxication

    • A. I. Fokina, S. G. Skugoreva, L. V. Trefilova, L. V. Darovskikh Determination of oxidative stress indicators in Melissa officinalis under the action of micromycete Fusarium culmorum and its antagonists

    • S. Yu. Ogorodnikova, S. V. Pestov, V. V. Zinoviev, A. P. Sofronov Influence of phytopathogens on the content of plastid pigments and the intensity of lipid peroxidation processes in the leaves of woody plants

    • A. A. Malyshev, N. N. Solodkov, N. A. Korobkova Formation of a green production management model

    • T. S. Ulanova, M. V. Volkova, G. A. Veikhman, A. V. Nedoshitova To the question of methodological support for determination of rare earth elements for industrial inspection

    • A. V. Gogonin, T. N. Shchemelinina, E. M. Anchugova Utilization of wastewaters as a nutrient medium for the accumulation of microalgal biomass

    • L. N. Anan´ina, I. А. Kosheleva, E. G. Plotnikova Bacterial consortium as a model for studying the response of the microbial community of the Verkhnekamsk salt mining region to combined pollution

    • O. S. Filimonova, M. N. Belitskaya, I. R. Gribust Distribution features of Xanthogaleruca luteola (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in the protective plantings of the Lower Volga

    • A. P. Kaledin, S. V. Beketov, D. V. Zhukov, V. I. Fertikov, V. M. Makeeva, A. V. Smurov, A. M. Ostapchuk, E. А. Konorov, Yu. A. Stolpovsky Microsatellite analysis of populations of the ussuri sika deer acclimatized in the European part of Russia

    • V. V. Stepanova, A. V. Argunov, D. I. Tirskiy, R. A. Kirillin, I. M. Okhlopkov Lithophage Alces alces L. in the protected territories of Yakutia

    • I. А. Likhanova, E. G. Kuznetsova, Е. М. Lapteva An unconventional approach to solving the problem of restoring damaged ecosystems in the North

    • L. P. Rybashlykova Dynamics of vegetation of the phytomeliorated deflation zone on the territory of the Republic of Kalmykia

    • A. N. Bespalov, N. A. Sokolova, D. A. Sokolov Specifics of biogeocenoses restoration during overgrowth of coal-mine dumps of the Gorlovsky basin

    • E. S. Shirokova, E. V. Tovstik, A. V. Sazanov Degradation of poly(ε-caprolactone) under laboratory conditions during exposure to air and soil

    • I. G. Shirokikh, I. V. Liskova, Ya. I. Nazarova, T. P. Gradoboeva, S. S. Pislegina, N. A. Bokov, R. I. Abubakirova Local strains of actinobacteria protect peas (Pisum sativum L.) from harmful infections

    • A. G. Kosmacheva, S. M. Chesnokova, T. A. Trifonova Study of the effect of antibiotics on the urease activity of sod-podzolic and gray forest soils

    • A. V. Ilinskiy, V. N. Selmen, E. V. Selmen, S. D. Karyakina, M. S. Matyukhin, V. V. Grebennikova The use of soil based on sewage sludge from urban wastewater treatment plants in the greening of urban areas

    • J. M. Bambalan, I. K. S. Palapal, R. V. Guleng, E. E. Coracero, R. B. J. Gallego, M. J. A. Suniega Tree diversity and carbon stock in North Poblacion and South Poblacion (Dipaculao, Aurora, Philippines)

    • Y. M. Gordeeva, I. E. Vedernikova Forest carbon offsets in Russia: current legal infrastructure

    • A. M. Tortsev Problems of legal regulation of commercial use and conservation of fishery resources

    • L. S. Akhmedova, A. A. Gadzhiev, N. O. Guseynova System approach as a scientific paradigm of natural science knowledge

    • A. A. Sozinova, V. A. Bondarenko, М. Smokova, N. G. Rumyantsev Actualization of the “green” image for territorial development

    • S. V. Ermolaeva, Е. О. Ivanov Analysis of the cytogenetic status of children and adolescents in the living in areas with different environmental conditions

    • To the anniversary of L. I. Domracheva

    • T. Ya. Ashikhmina Journal “Theoretical and Applied Ecology” improved and developed

    • T. Ya. Ashikhmina, S. Yu. Ogorodnikova XVII All-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation “Ecology of the native land: problems and ways to solve them”


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