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№5, 2020


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  • Section 1. Ecology
    • A.D. Vlasov, E.M. Nesterov, O. A. Rodina, D.Yu. Vlasov. Microbial biofilms on rapakivi granite in the Monferran historic quarry

    • M.V. Grigorieva, M.I. Solovyova. Quality of the lakes in Yakutsk depending on the environment of benthic communities

    • Zh.A. Dimidenok, S.A. Smirnova. Quantitive estimation of heavy metals content in berry cultures in the Amur region

    • I.N. Lykov, O.P. Pavlova, G.A. Tikhonova. Ecological and toxicological characteristics of the leachate of solid municipal waste landfills of different ages

    • N. A. Sokolova, V.E. Kostin, I.N. Khlobzheva, V.V. Gamaga, I.I. Vasenev. Functional use of winter harvesting reed biomass in the Lower Volga Regions

    • G.G. Khaptagaev, V.E. Kolodeznikov. On the ecology of the Siberian salamander (Salamandrella Keyserlingii Dybowsky 1870) in Central Yakutia

  • Section 2. Physical geography and biogeography, soil geography and landscape geochemistry
    • V.V. Ivanovskaya, E.I. Golubeva, A.V. Trufanov. GIS-technologies application to agricultural goals solving

    • V.B. Korobov, B.I. Kochurov, A.G. Tutigin. Methodology of zoning of complex geographic and ecological objects using expert statistical methods

    • A.A. Petrov. Soils restoration processes in post-technogenic landscapes of the Chulman depression (South Yakutia)

    • A.S. Nekrich. Development of present-day landscapes in South-Eastern Australia (Victoria) under agricultural management

    • N.G.Sudacova, S.S.Karpukhin. Regional geoecological features of the morpholitogenic basis of the natural-economic systems in the Russian plain

    • R.О.Kalov, О.О.Dakhova. Specificity of environmental assessment of road landscapes

  • Section 3. Geoecology
    • V. S. Dekhnich, N.M. Dronin. Prospects for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the Nur-Sultan and Almaty cities municipal and transport sectors

    • O.G. Karabaeva, N.N. Golchikova. Ecological state of the natural components of the West ilmen-hillock district of the Lower Volga Region under the influence of anthropogenesis

    • G.G. Kozlova, S.A. Onina, A.L. Saptiyarova. Determination of the content of selenium and antagonist elements in natural objects of the Birsk Region of the Republic of Bashkortostan

    • T.P. Platonova, A.P. Pakusina, L.P. Panova, K.S. Neprokina. Chemical and microbiological characteristics of the small rivers in the territory of the advanced social economic development

    • I.V. Miskevich, V.B. Korobov. Pollutants in sea waters with river runoff from the western islands in the Russian Arctic zone

    • E.A.Pichugin, M.V.Cherepanov, T.A.Meshurova. Ecological certification of products at the stage of passing the state environmental examination of the projects of technical documentation for new equipment, technology

    • S.S.Karpukhin,  N.G.Sudacova. Reconstruction of the edge glacial zones infrastructure in the center of the Russian plain by space geography means

  • Section 4. Geoecology
    • T. I. Anisimova. Foreign population spatial distribution changes in the districts of Switzerland (1910–2018)

    • A. A. Pakina, T. Y. Zengina, D.A. Domashev. Ecological and economic factors in the formation of fisheries potential of the Baikal natural territory

    • M.S. Romanov. The interaction of financial centers as a factor in the spatial transformation of the global financial system

    • V.A. Shchepetova, O. V. Bogatova. Selection of resource-saving equipment for processing contaminated whey

    • N.V.Yakovenko, I.V. Komov, O.V.Didenko, I.V. Safonova, S. A. Ali. Essence and content of human capital and its role in socio-economic development of the region

    • A.L.Novoselov, I.Yu. Novoselova. Management of territories development projects


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