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№4, 2022


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  • Section 1. Ecology
    • G.E.Artamonov, V.A.Gutnikov, I.I.Vasenev. Environmental assessment of the thermal power plants nitrogen footprint in the Russian Federation

    • I.N. Lykov, E.C.L.Ahoua, K.A.Bamba,  M.E.Ndala Koubana. Antibiotic resistance in the microflora of hymenopteran insects

    • I.I. Shepelev, E.V. Kiryushin, O.V. Pilyayeva, E.I. Zhukov, E.N. Eskova. Reduction of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere during carbonization of aluminate solutions in alumina production

    • O.A. Soboleva. Environmental certification of springs of small towns in the Non-Black Earth Region of the Russian Federation (the Bryansk Region)

    • O. V. Pilyaeva. Expert-analytical modeling of the level of pollution of water bodies by alumina production waste

  • Section 2. Physical geography and biogeography, soil geography and landscape geochemistry
    • E.G. Kolomyts. Landscape-ecological strategy for forest geosystem monitoring under the conditions of modern warming

    • V.T. Starozhilov. Noolandscape sphere and landscape use paradigm as a foundation for the Earth development practices

    • N.N. Kalutskova, E.M. Petrunina, E.A. Lozbeneva. Landscape-balneological regions of Hungary

    • O.O. Dаkhovа. Ecogeochemical state of aqual landscapes: a case study of the Bаksаn River

    • G.M. Barinova, E.V. Krasnov, D.V. Gaeva, A.Yu. Romanchuk, L.O. Ushakova. Spread of tick-borne infections in the context of climate change and the problem of adaptation to them of the population of the Kaliningrad Region

  • Section 3. Economic, social, political and recreational geography
    • S.D. Mamenov, A.K. Volkova, A.N. Dunets.Trends for industry development in the border regions of Altai: a case study of the East Kazakhstan Region, Kazakhstan and Altai Krai, Russia

    • T.V. Ivchenko, L.P. Lisovskaya. Training future teachers for environmental education and upbringing of schoolchildren at K.E. Tsiolkovsky  Kaluga State University

  • Section 4. Geoecology
    • A.S. Lokhov, V.B. Korobov.. Comparison analysis of applying weight and significance coefficients to environmental classification models

    • D.S. Tattimbetova, E.I. Golubeva, P.I. Konstantinov. The influence of heat waves on the comfort of living in the city of Moscow

    • M.T. Nguyen, E.A. Ivantsov. The problem of air pollution in Hanoi, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

    • A.V. Sokolov. The impact of the Subboreal period humidity on nature management in the Altai-Sayan Region: a case study of burial sites


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