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№3, 2023


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  • Section 1. Ecology
    • O.V. Baklanova, L.V. Bryndina, A.L. Lukin. Ecological role of sewage sludge and biochar in restoring the biological activity of the soil

    • E. A. Artemyeva, A. V. Mishchenko, V. A. Krivosheev. Barcoding research of bats (chiroptera, vespertilionidae) in the Middle Volga (the Ulyanovsk region)

    • A.V. Ilinskiy, E.V. Selmen. Influence of immeliorant from wastewater sludge of urban purification facilities and microbiological fertilizers on the development of mariegates (tagetes patula) in the conditions of the Ryazan region

    • S.A. Tereshchenko, A.S. Pukhal’skaya. Possibility of mineral fertilizers use for obtaining environmentally friendly products of the microgreen of mitsuna (Brassica rapa nipposinica L.)

    • G.G. Kozlova, S.A. Onina, A.R. Mahmutov, I.M. Yakina. Evaluation of individual indicators of water in the wells of the town of Birsk of the Republic of Bashkortostan

    • A. S.Muravyova, I.N. Lykov. Medical and environmental aspects of antibiotic resistance of the skin microbiome in family members

  • Section 2. Physical geography and biogeography, soil geography and landscape geochemistry
    • E.Yu. Kolbowskiy. Cultural landscapes as an object of GIS-modeling

    • L. P. Shumilova. Impact of mining on soil fungi biodiversity

    • K.A.Aleksandriiskaya, O.A.Klimanova. Habitat Conservation and Recreation: modern development directions of the largest protected areas in Moscow

    • V.A. Lobkovskiy, L.G. Lobkovskaya. Paleogeographic studies of the coastal terraces of the North-Western Colchis: a retrospective review

  • Section 3. Economic, social, political and recreational geography
    • T.V. Ilyushina. Land surveying system during the development of the Russian state (the Russian Empire) in the reign of Peter I in the late 17th – early 18th centuries .

    • I.L. Margolina, A.G. Goretskaya, M.V. Slipenchuk. The influence of noise impact from motor vehicles on the recreational functions of green areas

    • S.D. Mamenov, A.K. Volkova, A.V. Kotelnikova, I.L. Samodelko. Assessment of transport security and accessibility of the border regions of the Russia Altai and the regions of Eastern Kazakhstan

  • Section 4. Geoecology
    • M. Yu.Glukhovskaya, M. Yu.Garitskaya, T.A.Evstifeeva, P.I.Gerasin. Environmental assessment of mineral recultivants produced using construction waste

    • V.V. Mazur. The comparative assessment of the ecological status of the rivers in North-Eastern European Russia

    • E.A.Minakova. The method of indicative justification water protection measures in the catchment area

    • N.A. Frolova. Using a modified system of non-thermal plasma catalysis for the control of toluene content in the air

  • Section 5. Meetings, conferences, forums


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