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  • Section 1. Environmental Safety Construction and Town Economy
    • I. Yu. Glinyanova, A. N. Gorodnichaya, V. N. Azarov, V. T. Fomichev, A. I. Melchenko. Environmental safety of the urban environment and improving the quality of life of the population

    • S. V. Merkulova, B. I. Kochurov, P. I. Merkulov. The influence of meteorological conditions on the content of nitrogen oxides in the ground atmosphere the city of Saransk

    • I. N. Simonova. Ecological-economic effectiveness of measures for reducing of emissions in atmospheric air of the enterprise close corporation Foton in Penza

    • V. S. Borovkov, V. V. Volshanik, S. M. Shepelev. To the 20-th anniversary of commissioning of engineering systems of the closed water pumped circulation and jet-vortex aeration of the big pond of Moscow zoo

    • E. M. Nesterov, L. M. Zarina, M. A. Markova, I. V. Gracheva, A. V. Vorontsova, Yu. A. Makarova. Study of ecological condition of the snow cover of St. Petersburg

    • M. I. Kurilenko, T. I. Khmenushko, S. N. Rusak. Evaluation of the seasonal dynamics of hydrochemical characteristics of water bodies of Khanty-Mansiysk district

    • C. M. Chesnokova, O. V. Savel'yev. Pollution with heavy metals and arsenic of the soils of the cities of the vladimir region with different specificity of industrial production

  • Section 2. Urban Planning and Rural Planning Ecology
    • B. I. Kochurov, . . Pozachenyuk, V. A. Tabunshchik, E. A. Petlukova. Ecological niches of Russian cities (population more than 250 thousand people)

    • K. V. Zakharov. Nature protection in Moscow and its efficiency

    • N. T. Egorova, V. A. Ryabov, O. B. Stolbova. The quality of the urban environment and the natural-recreational potential of munici pal districts of the Novokuznetsk urban district

  • Section 3. Architecture of buildings and structures. Creative concepts of architectural activity
    • D. O. Babkina, R. Yu. Yanova, A. V. Popov, T. V. Sorokoumova. International standards of green architecture, perspectives of application and adaptation to the conditions of Russia

  • Section 4. Geoecology
    • E. I. Novoselova, O. O. Volkova, R. R. Turyanova. Enzymatic transformation of organic residues in soils contaminated with heavy metals

    • I. I. Varlam, S. N. Rusak, K. V. Kazartseva. Seasonal changes of the Pinus sibirica pigment structure in the conditions of urboecosystems of northern territories (on the example of Surgut)

    • V. V. Semenova. Influence of anthropogenic factor on accumulation of heavy metals in the species of the genus Achillea l., growing in Dagestan

    • . . rtem'eva, D. . Kalinina. To geochemistry of nest-approachable biotopes of ground-extreme porobin-species birds (aves, passeriformes) in Ulyanovsk region (Medium Volga)

    • N. Y. Ryazanova, K. V. Menshov. Assessment of the implementation of the sustainable urban development agenda and the SDG 11 targets into the structure of Russian state strategies. Part 2

    • N. V. Yakovenko, P. A. Kanapukhin, E. V. Mishon, T. A. Romashchenko, I. V. Komov, R. V. Ten. The method of time component for forecast estimation of the gross regional product of the Voronezh region

    • K. B. Ibraeva, G. B. Kadyrova, B. K. Kaldybaev. Heavy metals are in the soil-plants cover of the Karakol city

    • S.S. Voronich, N. N. Roeva, N. N. Grebenkin, D. A. Zajcev, A. G. Khlopaev, S. A. Yankovsky Estimation of the influence of exhaust gases on the ecological condition of soil cover of urbanized territories

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