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№1, 2021


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  • SECTION 1. Biology
    • I. D. Akhmedova, T. V. Antyufeeva, A. M. Vyhodtsev. The hunting resources in the structure of ecosystem services in the Region

    • L. I. Boytsenyuk, V. S. Gruzdev, S. V. Suslov, M. A. Khrustaleva. Biodiversity conservation as the basis for sustainable forest landscapes management

    • V. V. Erofeeva, E. V. Pivovarova. Assessment of the quality of food products of animal origin by the presence of antibiotics from stores in megacities

    • M. V. Petrova. Mycobiota of the cities in the Republic of Bashkortostan: taxonomic analysis

  • SECTION 2.Environmental Safety. Construction and Town Economy
    • Y. R. Galiullina. Determination of the degree of water purification after application of oil-absorbent sorbents

    • E. V. Sokol'skaya, E. A. Kurdyukova, I. V. Ivashkina. Model assessment of transport impact on the formation of acoustic mode of residential buildings and recreation areas in Tiraspol city

    • I. N. Lykov, N. S. Morozova, S. A. Krymskaya. Microbiological screening of urban snow

  • SECTION 3.Geoecology
    • Ya. B. Legostaeva, A. G. Gololobova. Geochemical conditions of snow cover on the territory of small settlements in the mountainous regions of Yakutia

    • L. R. Shugaipova, A. A. Kulagin, G. G. Khamidullina, G. G. Pinigina. Analysis of the impact of quarries mining and processing plants Kyshtym and pos. Tominsky on woody and herbaceous vegetation

  • SECTION 4.Urban Planning and Rural Planning
    • M. A. Slepnev, I. A. Zolotaykina. Sustainable development of a protected natural area on the example of the Birulevsky dendrarium in the Moscow city

    • D. S. Gavrikov. Like-nature tectonic system frame variants as a tool for improving the quality of the city visual environment

  • SECTION 5. Architecture of buildings and structures. Creative concept
    • K. I. Beloborodova. The world practice of organizing temporary accommodation of migrants in megacities


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