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№4, 2021


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  • Section 1. Biology
    • A.V. Ilinskiy, V.N. Selmen, E.V. Selmen, M.S. Matyukhin Influence of sewage sludge soil of urban treatment facilities on flower and decorative crops

    • B.I. Kochurov, E.A. Blinova Microplastic in the composition of solid municipal waste: calculation of the potential fragmentation of solid polymer packaging

  • Section  2. Environmental Safety Construction and Town Economy
    • B.I. Giyasov, Zueva M.K Study of factors affecting ecology of the air basin in modern cities

    • M.V. Zilberman, M.V.Cherepanov, E.A. Pichugin Estimation of the potential of impact on the components of the natural environment by emissions of pollutants of objects of negative impact on the environment

  • Section 3.  Urban Planning and Rural Planning
    • O.S. Andreeva, V.A. Ryabov, A.Y. Prosekov, E.A. Zhidkova, S.V. Yurchenko Rehabilitation of lands and inclusion of reclaimed territories in the tourist and recreational zone of an industrial city

    • V.L. Belyaev System of engineering surveys: problems and prospects (institutional and educational aspect)

    • А.Е. Korobeinikova Speculariries of aeration regime in residential areas on sloping territories

    • T. F. Turutina, J. A. Zablotskaya The analysis of territorial accessibility and environmentally friendly operation of schools in the urban environment on the example of the Sverdlovsk region of Krasnoyarsk

  • Section 4. Geoecology
    • T.A. Boyko, I.I. Zbrueva The state of green spaces in the public areas of the central district of the Perm city

    • G.V. Trebeleva. Historical and cultural landscape of the village of Otap (Ochamchira district, Republic of Abkhazia) in the Late Antique and Medieval periods according to archaeological survey data and analysis of the settlement structure in the GIS.

    • Resolution of the 21-st International Scientific Conference “Sakharov Readings 2021: Environmental Problems of the XXI century” (edited by B. I. Kochurov and V. V. Chernaya)


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