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№2, 2022


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  • Section 1. Geoecology
    • L.P. Kapelkina, T.V. Bardina, A.O. Gerasimov, N.V. Mayachkina, V.I. Bardina Ecological and geochemical features of the sports and shooting club territory in Saint Petersburg

    • E. A. Minakova, A.P. Shlychkov, S.A. Kondratyev, V.Z. Latypova Migration flows of nutrient elements in the geosystem "catchment area - water body" in modern conditions

    • E. V. Nadezhkina, O. V. Thushavina Study of anthropogenic noise impacts in Moscow (on the example of the Sokol district and the MAI territory)

  • Section 2. Environmental Safety Construction and Town Economy
    • O.N. D’yachkova Required specialists to ensure the life cycle of urban green spaces

    • V.Y. Il'ichev, S.A. Kusacheva, I. N. Lykov Study of the characteristics of photovoltaic solar panels

    • V.V. Glukhov, M.A. Grekov, G.L. Kozinets, M.A. Triaskin, V.N. Chechevichkin, A.V. Chechevichkin, L.A. Iakunin Disadvantages of using gabion grid constructions in hydraulic structures for treatment of surface runoff from highways

  • Section 3.  Urban Planning and Rural Planning
    • A.A. Chernyshov, I.A. Bakhirev The limit of a residential area intensity use as the basis for predicting the complex environmental impact

    • O. A. Belenko, L.K. Trubina, A.O. Polkovnikov Features of establishing zones with special land use conditions according to environmental requirements in Novosibirsk

    • V. L. Belyaev Standardization in urban planning: features, problems, ways of improvement

    • P.P. Nemov, A.I. Novik Prospects for sustainable development of railway transport in Moscow

  • Section 4. Architecture of buildings and structures. Creative concepts
    • V.N. Tkachev, N.V. Danilina The anthropic principle in the architecture of the Universe


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