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№4, 2022


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  • Section  1 Biology
    • I.B. Shapovalova The influence of climatic conditions and flooding on the avifauna of small rivers of the Tula and Ivanovo regions under conditions of anthropogenic impact

    • T.A. Boyko,  S.Y. Berdinskikh, T.R. Korzh Diseases and pests of conier plants on the territory of the perm city forestry

    • I.I. Zbrueva, A.P. Maltseva Tree and shrubs vegetation in parks small towns of Prikamie

    • A.V. Sindireva, G. R. Terentev, D.S. Kuklin, N.E. Fadeev Effect of petroleum products and heavy metals on test culture performance

  • Section  2 Geoecology
    • V.Y. Musatskov On the construction of an ontological knowledge base of industrial ecology

  • Section  3 Ecology
    • Т. А. Meshchurova, М. В. Khodiashev On the need to introduce technological indicators for rationing the quality of treated wastewater for the fields of application of BAT when updating ITR 8-2015

  • Section  4 Environmental Safety Construction and Town Economy
    • D.A. Galaktionova Innovative approaches to environmental protection in municipal waste disposal areas in the Leningrad region

    • O. N. Sokolskaya, E.G. Shoikhet The role of landscaping in urban ecology (on the example of the cities of the Krasnodar territory)

  • Section 5  Urban Planning and Rural Planning
    • V. L. Belyaev About regulatory requirements for survey qualifications and their accounting in the educational process: planning level

    • N.V. Danilina,  Y. Saprykin Assessment of intensity of use of public spaces of city streets for the purpose of sustainable urban development

    • O.Yu. Leptukhova. Legal basis for preparation and interrelation of functional and land  zoning

    • A.V. Popov, A.A. Nikitina Architectural and urban planning transformation of the railway right-of-way and adjacent sanitary protection zone


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