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№2, 2023


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  • Section 1. Ecology
    • E. A. Artemyeva. Nests and eggs of hybrids of yellow-fronted (Motacilla lutea) and yellow (Motacilla flava) wagtails in the middle Volga region

  • Section  2. Geoecology
    • Yu.S. Bakumenko, L.E. Podlipenskaya, M.B. Shilin Methodology for assessing the recreational potential of water reservoirs

    • A.A. Evseeva, A.A. Buravtsova Risks of dioxin pollution in the Kaluga region and ways of their mitigation

    • B.I. Kochurov, К.А. Chevel Historical and geoecological analysis of the Moscow megapolis water supply system

    • V.A. Lobkovskiy, G.S. Kust, O.V. Andreeva. National action program to combat desertification and achieving land degradation neutrality: recommendations for development

    • E.A. Minakova, A.P. Shlychkov, T.Sh. Leonova, E.A. Minakova The territory zoning of the Russian Federation region by the level of potential external biogenic load on water bodies

    • T.V. Cheredova, S.G. Doroschkevich Stages of industrial and municipal waste disposal in Ulan-Ude, Russia

  • Section 3.  Urban Planning and Rural Planning
    • E. A. Erofeeva, D. B. Gelashvily, M. D. Kuznetsov, O. S. Lisitsyna, A. A. Nizhegorodtsev, A. B. Savinov, V. P. Yunina, M. V. Sidorenko, A. B. Savinov The effect of traffic-related air pollution on the physiological and biochemical parameters of Tilia Cordata Mill. and Betula Pendula Roth. leaf

  • Section  2. Environmental Safety Construction and Town Economy
    • O. N. D’yachkova, A.E. Mikhailov Empirical distribution functions is mathematical method for talk about urban planning

    • Le Minh Tuan, N.V. Bakaeva Relationship between urban heat island and urban pollution island: analytical review and research methods

    • O.R. Pavlova, A.Yu. Mikhailov Classification of estimated transport areas based on trip attraction rates

    • N.V. Danilina, Yu.V. Saprykin Problems and prospects of development of public spaces of city streets on the example of Moscow streets

    • Resolution of the 21st International Scientific Conference "Sakharov Readings 2021: Environmental Problems of the XXI century" (edited by B.I. Kochurov and V.V. Chernaya)

    • Resolution of the V International Scientific Conference «Sustainable urban development»  2023, NRU MGSU


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