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  • Section 1. Ecology
    • E. A. Erofeeva, A. B. Savinov, V. P. Yunina, M. V. Sidorenko, V. A. Basurov. Changing the asymmetry type of morphological leaf traits in Tilia cordata Mill. under traffic pollution

    • J. A. Najafov, A. R. Khashimova. Population densities of some background reptiles in the urban areas of the Absheron Peninsula of Azerbaijan

    • A. S. Vazhova. Effect of water structure and characteristics of the production-destructive processes in estuaries on structural and functional characteristics of biocenoses

    • E. E. Timoshok, M. N. Belova, E. N. Timoshok, S. N. Skorokhodov. Biodiversity of vascular plants in high altitude larch forests of the Severo-Chuisky range (the Altai Mountains)

    • G. G. Kozlova, S. A. Onina, S. V. Pikhtovnikov, R. U. Galyamova. Determination of the content of selenium and its antagonists in soil, water and garlic in the territory of Neftekamsk, the Krasnokamsk Regionof the Republic of Bashkortostan 

    • M. V. Baumgertner. The distribution of lichens in the territory of the state natural Shoria national park

    • I.N. Brezhneva, M. P. Trifonova. Biotesting of drilling cuttings on ecotoxicity

  • Section 2. Physical geography and biogeography, soil geography and landscape geochemistry
    • S. S. Sanzhanova, Z. I. Khazheeva. Influence of the mines’ water inflow and the Inkur tributary on the chemical composition of the Modonkul River

    • G. A. Sulkarnaeva, E. F. Sadykova, T. A. Miryugina. Ecological and hygienic assessment of the chemical composition of groundwater in the Tobolsk District of the Tyumen Region

    • M. A. Khrustaleva, S. V. Suslov. Ecological-hydrogeochemical peculiarities of forming water quality in the Moskvoretsky and Volga water economic systems

    • A. V. Kaverin, N. A. Kaverina, D. A. Masserov, A. V. Kiryushin. Efficiency and culture of environmental management: issues of stagnation and possible ways to solve them in terms of the theoretical legacy of  N. F. Reimers

    • V. I. Grebenets, V. A. Tolmanov, A. G. Khairedinova, F. D. Yurov. Issues of waste disposal in the Russian Artic regions

  • Section 3. Geoecology
    • K. Y. Zhenikhov, V. V. Kuzovlev, Y. N. Zhenikhov, M. Schletterer. The study of the relationships between indicators of surface water quality in wetland catchments: a case study of the Tudovka River in the Tver Region)

    • V. A. Sedykh, L. N. Belyaeva, D. S. Klimov. The condition of the atmospheric air in the city of Lipetsk

    • A. N. Sivukhin, D. S. Markov, E. A. Borisova. Influence of soil contamination with heavy metals on the population health of the of Ivanovo and Kostroma Regions

  • Section 4. Economic, social, political and recreational geography
    • A. L. Novoselov, I. Yu. Novoselova. Environmental programme financing: rationale and optimization

    • S.Z. Saidullaev. Assessment of tourism and recreational potential for the development of medical and health tourism in the Almaty Region

    • A. I. Borisov. Regional issues of the basic network formation of Yakutia’s highways

    • Z. E. Namazbayeva, A. S. Aktymbayeva, N. Z. Suleymenova, A. E. Moldagaliyeva. Index of tourist attractiveness of natural landscapes in the East Kazakhstan Region's Administrative Districts

  • Section 5. References and reviews


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