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№4, 2019


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  • Section 1. Ecology
    • S.V. Lebedev, V.V. Grechkina, F.H. Biktasheva, N.P.Kiseleva. Influence of radionuclides and heavy metals on the system "soil-water-plants" in the Orenburg Region

    • A.A. Evseeva. Ecological and phytocoenotic analysis of the vegetation of forest ecosystems in the cities of Kaluga and Obninsk

    • Т. А. Meshchurova, М. В. Khodiashev, N. P. Kiseleva, S. A. Variukhina, A. D. Nozdriukhin. The choice of indicators pollutant discharges, to be automatic control.

    • E.V. Nadezhkina,O.V. Tushavina. Electromagnetic impact from rocket-space activity and aviation complex

    • N.M.Solomonov, A.N Nyukkanov. Pathomorphological changes in fish in the area of the Viluy River Basin

  • Section 2. Physical geography and biogeography, soil geography and landscape geochemistry
    • V.A.Lobkovskiy, G.S. Kust, O.V. Andreeva. Methodological approaches to establishing a baseline when calculating indicators of Land Degradation Neutrality of land condition in Russia

    • I. V. Miskevich. Specifics of natural processes in the tidal  the mouths of small rivers of the White sea

    • G. V. Trebeleva, Yu. V. Gorlov. Paleoecological aspects of the ancient Greek colonization of Northwestern Colchis.

    • I.V.Shashkov. Spatial structure of anthropogenous impact on the landscapes of Afghanistan

  • Section 3. Geoecology
    • G.A.Fomenko Environmental management: evolution of institutional changes

    • I.N.Lykov, N.B.Loboda, E.E.Kubo. Geo-ecological features of the Yachensky Reservoir of the city of Kaluga

    • V.A.Grachev, N.I. Kurysheva. New laws and regulations on environmental activities

    • E.A. Pichugin. Analytical review of the experience of involving ash slag waste of thermal power plants in economic circulation in the Russian Federation

    • I.E.Mammadov. Issues of applying unmanned aerial vehicles for detecting oil slicks in coastal sea waters

    • A.B. Bobrovnik, M. V. Shershneva, N. A. Babak, N. A Shrednik. On the issue of lead ions’ neutralization

  • Section 4. Economic, social, political and recreational geography
    • GIS-technologies in Yakutia

    • I.S. Shernina. Current state and innovative vectors of the development of agriculture of the Ryazan Region

    • T.Yu.Zengina. Comprehensive assessment of recreational potential of a number of small lakes within the Baikal natural territory

    • E.A.Ivantsova, A.N.Vodolazko. The effect of soil contamination of agricultural lands with heavy metals on their bonitation assessment (for example Volgograd Region)

  • Section 5. References and reviews
    • B.I.Kochurov. On the issue of GIS mapping of land borders of the peninsulas


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